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Sunday School

Sunday School Policy/Guidelines/Rules


  • Sunday School will be held on Sundays after Communion for 20 minutes downstairs in Founder’s Hall.


  • Parents are asked to come downstairs and pick up their child immediately after the church service is complete.


  • All Sunday School students must be registered.


  • Unregistered children wishing to attend Sunday School must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times.  This parent/guardian is asked to refrain from any cell phone use during this time.


  • Children are expected to act respectful towards their classmates, teachers and the church.  Any child who finds this difficult during class will be asked to rejoin their family upstairs for the remainder of the church service. 


  • Please keep children home if they are or have been feeling unwell!  Please wait at least 24 hours after illness to join class.


  • Sunday School communications will be sent out via email, with text message notifications. 


  • Sunday School teachers are required to have background checks and follow the OCA guidelines for working with children and youth.

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