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Parish History

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

In the Spring of 1964 a group of Orthodox Christians met with Fr. John Nehrebecki, Dean of the New Jersey Deanery, to discuss organizing an English-speaking parish in rapidly-growing Morris County. From that moment a parish was quickly born. Metropolitan LEONTY gave his blessing for the parish to organize, and a place for holy services was found (First Memorial Presbyterian Church in Dover, which was home to the parish for 4 years). The parish was incorporated, and Fr. Michael Karas was the first rector.

In 1965 the parish purchased a home and acreage in Randolph Township. By year-end Fr. George Hasenecz was assigned as rector, continuing in that capacity until 2009. Metropolitan IRENEY conducted ground-breaking ceremonies for the Church building in 1967; construction was complete one year later. The first Liturgy in the new structure took place on November 10, 1968. In October 1969, Metropolitan IRENEY, Archbishop KIPRIAN of Pennsylvania, and New Jersey Deanery clergy participated in the consecration of the Altar and blessing of the Church. The parish grew and prospered. In 1975, to meet the needs of the pastor’s growing family, the congregation built a new rectory.

Over time Holy Trinity’s unique and beautiful edifice was filled with all necessary ecclesiastical appointments, and the parish took its place among the older established parishes of the Diocese. As further evidence of that achievement, an offshoot parish of Holy Trinity, Holy Spirit Mission in Sussex County, began holding services in 1988. Outreach activities have included regularly providing food for the needy, “adopting” a sister parish in Novosibirsk, Russia, and numerous other regular and ad hoc charitable ventures. Church facility renovations and upgrades took place in 1991, 1997, 2001, and 2014. Beautiful sacred murals in the altar and choir were installed in 2003 and 2005. In 2003 Metropolitan HERMAN bestowed the Order of St. Innocent on Archpriest George Hasenecz, on the 40th anniversary of his priesthood. The parish celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2004, and in 2005 Fr. George marked the 40th year of his pastorate. In 2008 he announced his retirement. He was honored by the parish for his outstanding service to the Church, and Fr. David Fox began a transition period under Fr. George’s mentorship. The parish celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2009. In June 2011 Fr. David became Rector of Holy Trinity parish. In 2013, the parish honored Fr. George on the occasion of his 50th Anniversary of Ordination. 2014 was the 50th Anniversary Year for the parish, marked with monthly events to celebrate this milestone and enhance the parish for its members and within the community. In 2017 His Eminence, Archbishop MICHAEL, conferred the rank of Archpriest on Father David. In 2018 the parish honored its choir director, Carol Wetmore, marking her 50 years of service in building and nurturing the Holy Trinity Choir.Holy Trinity parish is a growing, welcoming community of Orthodox Christians who seek to live and practice their faith.

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